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Sev Tamatar (Ready To Cook)

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Presenting Indore’s mouth-watering specialty. The salty sev is submerged in a thick blend of our tangy tomato masala mix which results in a hearty mush of dhaba-style spiciness. In just two minutes, experience a sharp dose of vibrant, mouth-watering flavors of green chilli and the distinct savouriness of the sev itself; enjoyed at your own leisure or with friends who demand food from your kitchen.


  • Authentic recipe
  • Indori special
  • No artificial flavours or added preservatives
  • Affordable goodness
  • 3 Month shelf life
  • Serves two in two minutes
  • Weight: 0.110
  • Length: 12
  • Width: 5
  • Height: 14
  • 0.110
  • 12
  • 5
  • 14

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