Welcome to Oye 24

We are sure that everyone out there finds themselves in situations where cooking seems a bit much. Maybe it is lethargy from office work or extra nights spent studying or just plain-old laziness but preparing a meal can, at times, be bothersome. 


That’s where #Instaगरम comes to the rescue. 


Presenting toothsome Indian recipes without the hassle of time-consuming and intricate cooking methods, Oye24’s new subsidiary #Instaगरम brings ready-to-cook deliciousness at your doorstep. With masala mixes and the main ingredients required for a recipe, and clear, cohesive instructions on the box, prepare delectable, instant Indian meals, with a minimal investment of effort, time and money. 


Be it students away from home who get serious pangs for desi food or people with demanding jobs who haven't the time or energy to prepare elaborate meals, #Instaगरम is there for all. Not only this but the authentic flavours that our masala mixes house can even be used to serve impressive meals to guests. Leave them marvelling at the taste while you soak up the praise.



  • Authentic flavours - From our bestseller Butter Khichdi to Indore’s famous Sev Tamatar sabzi, #Instaगरम houses a delicious medley of local and national delicacies. But unlike the stigma that comes attached with quick foods, our carefully crafted masalas render the meal with ultimate authentic flavours, reminiscent of an intricate kitchen preparation.  


  • No preservatives - It may seem hard-to-believe but it’s true: #Instaगरम ready-to-cook recipes do not house any sort of artificial flavours or preservatives. Our masalas are carefully prepared in accordance to Indian flavours and packed with love. 


  • Good shelf-life - There is no need to be frugal when it comes to buying #Instaगरम . Our ingredients are expertly packed in convenient, dinky boxes which can easily be stored for 3-6 months without the fuss of continuously buying new ones. 


  • High quality, low price - We provide premium-quality masalas and recipes without startling, pocket-burning prices. Because we at #Instaगरम only believe in surprising people with delicious flavours and time-saving recipes, not costs.



Launched in 2015 in the Malwa plateaus of Madhya Pradesh, Oye24 has since become an important name in the food-delivery sector of Indore, and many other cities in India. Our goal has been to deliver pure vegetarian fare from our kitchen to people’s doorstep, at every and any hour of the day. Our menu is a delightful mix of North Indian and Chinese cuisine, wherein one can find dishes such as the mighty Biriyani, the humble Kadhai Paneer and the local favourite Dudh Sev sabzi.


We have successfully continued to achieve our primary goal with incredible results; over five lakh orders delivered, out of which one lakh were of our phenomenal Butter Khichdi. We pride ourselves over the stupendous growth of Oye24 and aim to incorporate the same dedication in  #Instaगरम.