Help and support

• My payment failed while ordering
We are sorry you're facing difficulties. Please reach out and we will be glad to assist you.
Case I : If no deduction is done while transaction and payment failed so then you can place order again.
Case II: If deduction from your account has been processed and it displayed any transaction error than that money will be refunded to your account.
• I want to check my Oye24 Wallet details
Your Oye24 Wallet balance is available under the "Account - Payments" section. Please note that you available Oye24 Wallet money is auto-debited for new orders. If this does not answer your query, please reach out and we will be glad to assist you!
• I am unable to place an order
We are sorry you're facing difficulties. Please call us at 0731-4711711 and we will be glad to assist you.
• I want to edit my profile
You can edit your profile through the 'Accounts' section of the website. If you still want to contact us, please call 0731-4711711 and we will be glad to assist you!
• I want to provide feedback
We love to hear from our customers. Please share your feedback by mailing us on or call us at 0731-4711711.
• I want to partner my restaurant/Food Joints with Oye24
Thank you for showing your interest in us. Please fill the details of your venture on the contact us link. Our team will review your proposal and get back to you within 3 working days.
• I want to explore career opportunities with Oye24
Thank you for showing your interest in us. Please refer to our careers page and submit your resume to the given link. Our talent acquisition team will connect with you if they find any suitable positions.
• I have a sponsorship proposal for Oye24
Thank you for reaching out to us! Please mail your proposal at
• Others
Do you have any other issues we can assist with? Please call us on 0731-4711711.


• Can I edit my order?
Your order can not be edited, in case of modification we will cancel your existing order and place a new one.
• I want to cancel my order
You may cancel the order before it is placed with us by contacting the support team by call. Once an order is placed and our kitchen starts preparing your food, we cannot cancel it.
• Is there a minimum order value?
We have no minimum order value and you can order for any amount.
• Do you charge for delivery?
• How long do you take to deliver?
Standard delivery times vary by the location selected and prevailing conditions. Once you select your location, an estimated delivery time is mentioned at the checkout page. The time is estimated, actual time may vary from the estimated time.
• What are your delivery hours?
We deliver food round the clock. So you can get our services anytime.
• Can I order from any location?
We provide our services only to the locations falling under the municipality of Indore.
• Is single order from manyfood joints possible?
Yes,you can place single order for individual items from any food joint mentioned in our menu.
• Do you support bulk orders?
Yes, We support bulk orders. Delivery time will vary according to the order quantity.
• Can I order in advance?
Yes, we have given pre-order facility on our site. You can order by selecting future date and time and book your pre-order.
• Can I change the address / number?
Any major change in delivery address is not possible after you have placed an order with us. However, slight modifications like changing the flat number, street name, landmark etc. are allowed. If you have received delivery executive details, you can directly call him, else you could contact our customer service team.
• What is Oye24 Wallet?
Oye24 Wallet is a secure digital wallet where you can store digital currency and use it for faster check outs. It prevents payment failures and gives you seamless refunds when necessary.
• Do you accept Sodexo, Ticket Restaurant etc.?
Sorry, we do not accept any meal vouchers. Payments can be made only through the methods listed in our payment gateway, including cash on delivery.